Fast Forward Ent - Monstrous Fighters

Fast Forward Ent - Monstrous Fighters
Fast Forward Ent - The complete Monstrous Fighters Conpendium
  • New Condition
  • Hard Cover Book
  • Requires the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition from Wizards of the Coast for use

  • The Complete Monstrous Fighter's Compendium is a d20 System source book that finally provides all of the rules necessary to create and play a monstrous Player Character  - but it is far more!
  • Though set in the Green Races campaign world of Elara, Plaers and GMs alike can use this book in anyfantasy campaign where creatures like goblins, orcs and trolls wander the lands
  • Included also are rules for running these types of creatures as PCs and NPCs, as well as both base classes and prestige classes unique to these martially-minded races
  • Look for other modules, character sheets, screens and accessories to expand your gaming experience

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