Emhar 1-72 Medieval Crested Knights

Emhar 1-72 Medieval Crested Knights
Emhar 1-72 Medieval Crested Knights

If you have ever wanted to build your own knight in 1/72 scale then this is your chance!

  • This is an unfinished plastic model kit
  • Shrink wrapped
  • Paint and cement not included
  • 7 Horses
  • 1 Tent
  • 1 Grandstand
  • 7 Mounted figures
  • 1 Standing figure
This set depicts a jousting diorama and includes multiple building options.

It is now available at Monster Hobbies.

Special Features:

Seven knights and horses with multiple build options
Precision fit of interchangeable parts
Model kit is easy to assemble and paint

Overall impressions:

The focus of this set is the 12th Century Medieval Joust Tournament, although the figures in this set are equally suitable for war.  

Essentially you get seven bodies with legs, and you add arms, heads etc. to create your knights. The rigid plastic is  perfect for this sort of fine engineering assembly. Everything has to be glued, but the plastic takes ordinary cement extremely well. Various types of helmet, surcoat and armour are options in this kit and can be arranged to represent famous historical knights. Crests appear on many of the helmets are all really nicely done and authentic. The poses are all excellent, and the men fit the animals very well.

Also included are two grandstands, each coming as one piece with a number of figures engraved as spectators. The coats of arms displayed on the front of the stand identifies the judges themselves. The second is simply a stand with a number of ladies watching the action, all wearing the very tall headdresses fashionable at Court in the late medieval period. Between them is a man who is holding aloft a crested helmet, which apparently belongs to the nominated knight of honour at the tournament, who will not be engaging in combat.

The sole foot figure is a fashionably-dressed man who seems to be holding a stick on which he might place his master’s helmet for display prior to the action getting started. 

Finally we have a tent, which looks perfectly appropriate for the medieval period and comes in two halves.

Easy construction suitable to beginner modelers.

General Information :

Figures and kit parts come unpainted.
Paint and cement are not included.
Plastic is non-toxic.

Cautions :

This figure set is designed for ages 6+.
It contains small parts which are not suitable for children under 6 years of age.
It is the consumer's responsibility to keep this product away from small children.

Painting Tips :

  1. Scrape away the excess plastic from the mold lines with a needle file or craft knife.
  2. For paint to stick to the model, we recommend washing all parts in a mild detergent before painting.
  3. When they are dry, carefully remove each figure from the sprue with a sharp modeling knife or a pair of cutters.
  4. Apply a uniform coating of white with a brush or spray paint.
  5. Use acrylic colors.
  6. Multi-part models must be painted before assembly.
  7. We recommend a polystyrene-based glue.

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