Bum 1-72 S. XIII China Army Horse Warlords Camp

Bum 1-72 S. XIII China Army Horse Warlords Camp
Bum 0181  
XIII Century China Army Horse Warlords Camp

Are you looking for a great set of a historic Chinese Horse Warlords camp to spice up your ancient armies, improve your school assignments or for a killer diorama? 

Then this is the figure set for you! 

This set depicts a camp of the 13th century Hsi Hsai warriors who were the best horse riders in all of ancient China.

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Special Features:
  • Three sets of four tents and five wall sections for a total of 12 tents and 15 walls
  • 8 horses with riders
  • Horses wear full lamellar armor
  • Riders are armed with swords, shields, and pole arms
  • Model kit is easy to assemble and paint
Overall impressions:

The tents have great detail, showing the tension points where the fabric is stretched over the pole locations.
The walls are a little more simplistic, but contain sections with spiked points.
There are three mold buttons on the back of each wall section which should be removed with a #16 knife blade.

The horses included in the set are all the same figure, but wear the historic lamellar armor composed of small plates
or lames laced together.

The riders are also wearing lamellar armor.

The riders easily mount to the horses through simple "peg and hole" location points on both horse and rider.
(The horses have holes in their body and the riders have pins on their legs.)

Easy construction suitable to beginner modelers.

General Information :

  • Figures and kit parts come unpainted.
  • For paint to stick to the model, we recommend washing all parts in a mild detergent before painting.
  • Paint and cement are not included.
  • Plastic is non-toxic.
  • Color of contents may differ from our example in the video.
Cautions :

This figure set is designed for ages 6+.
It contains small parts which are not suitable for children under 6 years of age.
It is the consumer's responsibility to keep this product away from small children.

Watch us unbox this model in this great Youtube video review!


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