Revell 1-72 WWII German Pioneers FR

Revell 1-72 WWII German Pioneers FR
This model has no box!
Revell 1-72 WWII German Pioneers FR

  • This is an unfinished plastic model kit
  • Sold in ZipLoc Bag
  • Paint and cement not included
  • Survivor of the 2013 High River Flood
  • Cleaned and Sterilized
  • Might be missing Decals and Instructions
  • No box (Although shown for reference.)

This set includes : 
  • 48 Figures in 16 various poses
Awesome for dioramas or war games!

From Wikipedia :

A pioneer is a soldier employed to perform engineering and construction tasks. The term is in principle similar to sapper.

Pioneers were originally part of the artillery branch of European armies. Subsequently, they formed part of the engineering branch, the logistic branch, part of the infantry; or even comprised a branch in their own right.

Historically, the primary role of pioneer units was to assist other arms in tasks such as the construction of field fortifications, military camps, bridges and roads. Prior to and during the First World War, pioneers were often engaged in the construction and repair of military railways.

During the 20th century, British Commonwealth military forces came to distinguish between small units of "assault pioneers" belonging to infantry regiments and separate pioneer units (as in the former Royal Pioneer Corps). The United States Marine Corps has sometimes organized its sappers into "Pioneer Battalions".

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