Osprey - Flammpanzer

Osprey - Flammpanzer
Osprey - Flammpanzer
German Flamethrowers 1941 - 1945

  • Soft Cover Book
  • 48 pages
  • Extended text and captions
  • About 50 photographs and diagrams
  • 12 full-color plates
  • Written by Tom Jentz & Hilary Doyle
  • Illustrated by Peter Sarson

the first attempt at mounting a flamethrower in a German tank was not the result of an engineering design process but rather occurred as a field expedient, when German troops involved in the Spanish Civil War mounted small back-pack flamethrowers on their PzKpfw Is. 

The German authorities took up this idea and from early 1939 began to design a flamethrowing tank based on the Panzer II.

This was the first in a long line of German tanks to be equipped with flamethrowers.

During World War II versions of the Panzer III, Sturmgeshultz and half-track were all given flamethrowers.

This book examines their development, weapons and operational use, often using original German combat reports. 
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