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Monster Hobbies Model Car Group Build 2022

January 26 2022

The 2022 Custom, Rat Rod & Show Rods Model Car Group Build Rules

Welcome to the Monster Hobbies 2022 Custom, Rat Rod, Hot Rods, Lowriders & Show Rods Model Car Group Build. This build was voted on by the viewers of The Monster Hobbies Model Car Garage YouTube channel. We hope to see many of you joining in on the build!

Rules for the group build:

  1. You must start the build with a new kit. A previously started kit will not be allowed in the group build. This is to get everyone started on the same foot. 
  2. A "build" can be a plastic model kit, 3D Printed assembly kit, resin model kit, kit bash or scratch built. Just putting together or printing out a file is not considered a build. A "Build” has work done to it such as sanding, filling, gluing, painting, etc. Models or 3D prints with nothing done to them will not be accepted.
  3.  Your build must be either a Hot Rod, Show Rod or Custom model car or truck. It can be from any year, any era, in any style, and from any manufacturer, model kit wise or real car wise.
  4. Your build must be in either 1/24th or 1/25th scale. The most model kit parts and kits are in these 2 scales, so it is the easiest scale to choose from.
  5. This group build is open primarily to YouTube content creators, although if you do not wish to make YouTube videos about your build, or if you can not make a video, we can make one for you using your pictures and descriptions sent to us via Email to (See below for rules regarding pictures.) There is an option to post on our Facebook Group build page as well.
  6. You do not need to purchase a model kit from Monster Hobbies Online in order to join this group build (Although that would be most generous of you.). The point of this group build is not for us to make a sale, but to showcase our model building tallents and share our fun with others to encourage them to try model building. We encourage you to join in the fun and post the progress of your build with the community.
  7. If you are making progress build videos on your YouTube channel, please copy and paste the hashtag #monsterhobbiesgroupbuild1 in your video description box. YouTube uses hashtags to create a page within it's system where we can all see each other's build videos simply by clicking on the blue hashtag which will appear under the video display window.
  8. The Build begins Feb 1st 2022 and ends on December 31st 2022 at 11:59 GMT. We need all pictures and write-ups by this time. 
  9. If you finish your first build, you can enter another model as the year progresses. This isn't a contest, it's really a show, share and shine. 
  10. The link to the Monster Hobbies Model Car Garage YouTube Channel is here:
Rules For Photo Entries:

  1. Simply send a minimum of 4 - 20 good pictures of your model to with a description of what you did to build your model. Please send your pictures in a JPEG format.


  2. Make sure you have a clean background for the best viewing possible. Pictures with cluttered backgrounds will not be accepted.


  3. Make sure you put your name and a number on your pictures. This makes it easier for is to place them in the correct order, especially if I am using them to make a video.

The Most Important Rule Of All:

Have fun and enjoy your build! We love to see your pictures and to learn about your model building journey. 


Construct a model (1/29/2022 2:52:00 PM)
Thanks for your effort;

Gustavo - Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Heck Yeah!! (1/30/2022 12:23:00 PM)
I’m so in for this!! I read the page of rules about entries, but I don’t see the actual club link?

Gene - Arkansas USA
I'm in ! (1/30/2022 12:28:00 PM)
This is going to be great ! .... Thanks !

Stephen - Michigan / USA
Very kool (2/1/2022 8:54:00 AM)
Thank you for putting this together Trevor! Look forward to all the builds!

Harry - United States of America
I'm in '59 El Camino 🇨🇱 (2/1/2022 11:25:00 AM)
Mike's Model Shop

Mike - Texas
Derek Rhode island (2/2/2022 7:36:00 AM)
I'm in have some kits I want to do . Let's do this nascarman3345 is my YouTube channel and wicked Rides and Riders custom model building group is my Facebook group

Derek - Rhode island usa
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